Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Game over

Today was my last day in Elms Village. Now I am writing from my home at Madrid and I think it is the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the whole group of friends we were at Belfast. Bringing together all the people again is quite unlikely. That is the reason had been so difficult to say good-bye each other.

The title of this song is connected with this idea: "There's nobody in town"

But we should look to the pasitive side of the coin. We enjoyed and learned and taught and partied so much and each other this time! And I am sure we are going to see each other again, maybe two or three each time. For example, I am coming to Belfast in April to make a demonstration of my project and I want to travel across Europe.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

The origin of the money

This week I watched a really interesting video about the origin of the money in the blog Inteligencia financiera (warning: blog in Spanish).

If you always supposed that the bankers business is not clean, this video explains how the system works.

Updated: Spanish version

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Flashbacks: Scotland

In the middle of November -from the 14th- Pasi and me made a 5-days trip to Scotland. It was a good chance to visit two of my friends, that this year are living in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Our flight was a Dublin-Edinburgh at 6:30 a.m. So we were traveling the whole night.

cimg1146.jpg cimg1147.jpg

When we're just landed, Tonecas guided us to his house in which he lives with a lot of people. But it doesn't matter because it's a big building and his room is really good: two beds, own bathroom, own refrigerator...

cimg1150.jpg cimg1151.jpg

A great luxury compared with our rooms in Elms Village and its shitty spring mattress. The difference is so big and we were so tired that we fall asleep instantly. Then we explore the city that is actually very beautiful - it is worthy to walk it for hours.


cimg1148.jpg cimg1162.jpg

cimg1175.jpg cimg1173.jpg

cimg1171.jpg cimg1166.jpg

Pasi, me and Antonio in Edimbrá

The best walk we made was designed by Antonio. We were in Calton Hill, in the Parliament and we went to the top of a hill that are in front of the Parliament known as Arthur's Seat.

cimg1176.jpg cimg1178.jpg

cimg1179.jpg cimg1181.jpg

The Friday, we took a bus to Glasgow where Edu was waiting (or he should be) for us. Finally, we met and he was showing us some city places like the cathedral, the university and his accommodation. Ah! and his friend Ian, that is in one of the next photos.

cimg1191.jpg cimg1194.jpg


cimg1203.jpg cimg1205.jpg

cimg1206.jpg cimg1207.jpg

They were lots of people wearing kilt because the same day was an important rugby match against the British.

On Saturday we three were in a guided bus trip through the Highlands. Lots of places, different landscapes, frequent stops to see a beautiful valley or a monument or a lake... In one of the pauses we tried some of the famous haggis.


cimg1211.jpg cimg1212.jpg

cimg1217.jpg cimg1227.jpg

We were in the Ness Lake and in fact Antonio and me cross it by ship. Finally, we found Nessy.

We had some relaxed time at Antonio's place the rest of the time, chatting and watching a movie and that was also good. If you think in the number of hours that that week we were in a bus, you will realize how tired of bus I was.

And this is the last photo, just before saying goodbye and return to the daily study basis that we (usually) have at Belfast.


PS: You can read different points of view about this travel in Pasi's, Antonio's and Edu's blog. And also a subsequent visit of Antonio to Edu.